Menorah Cafe – a cozy room for up to 80 people, located on the second floor of the Menorah Center, is a perfect choice for small celebrations or business meetings in an atmosphere of comfort. Your business meeting, presentation or guest reception will receive a high score from the audience thanks to the elegant interior of the hall, professional service from the Menorah Grand Palace personnel and gastronomic delights prepared in compliance with the rules of kashrut.

Accommodates up to 80 people
Location is on 2 floor
Video Panel
The format of the event:
The Wedding Banquet
Children’s Party
The triumph of personal format
Conference, Training

Menorah Grand Palace offers:
• Individual approach
• Selection of musical accompaniment
• Making up of the room
• Technical support (lighting, sound, stage)
• Organization of transfer
• Rental of additional equipment, furniture
Technical support of events of any complexity:
• Sound and lighting equipment
• Video and multimedia equipment
• Congress systems and equipment for simultaneous translation of speech
• Beamers for presentations
• Equipment for conferences
• Stage complexes