NAIU_logo!!     Secretariat of the National Assembly of Disabled of Ukraine

On behalf of the Secretariat of the National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine, we would like to thank the management and staff of the Menorah Cultural and Business Center, which is a unique architectural structure (nothing of the kind in Ukraine), for the creation of appropriate conditions for activities involving physically challenged people. Special thanks to the technical center’s staff, including workers with disabilities for their assistance in conducting the

silta     Company Silta Color LTD

Our company has been a corporate client of the Menorah Hotel for a long time and is very happy with the quality of service. Very often we place our staff in the hotel rooms, use conference services, like for the last New Year’s corporate party, for example, we booked space in the Pchelkin’s House for a meeting and a hall at the Menorah for a corporate get-together, occupying all the rooms in the hotel, and we were fully satisfied. It is worth noting the hotel’s great value for money ratio, the rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a person on a business trip and to feel comfortable. Also all our employee praised breakfast, very tasty. It is also a must to note the staff’s client-centered approach. The reservation managers are always ready to quickly process the request, give advice and find a compromise for the solution of various organizational issues. I recommend this hotel for stay in Dnepropetrovsk. This is the best value for money and excellent location in the city center, right in the heart, while the Menorah itself is undoubtedly a tourist attraction. So, thank you, keep it up, and we hope for further fruitful cooperation.


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