Wedding is the most awaited event and probably one of the most important moments in the life of every couple in love.

That is why many seek to make their wedding special and at the same time save themselves and their loved ones from pre-wedding tedious hassle. The ideal solution to this problem is to have a visiting wedding ceremony in the Pchelkin’s House.

The Pchelkin’s House is a unique Renaissance epoch hall in Dnepropetrovsk, built in 1898. The extraordinary atmosphere with inimitable decor elements, preserved moldings, marble fireplaces will turn your celebration into a fairy tale for you to remember forever. Each wedding at the Pchelkin’s House is unique and different, because the Menorah Center’s professionals strive to create a special atmosphere and exercise an individual approach to each couple of newlyweds.

Now you can relax about what the weather will be like on the day of your ceremony and what time of the year is out there – there is no way your event at the Pchelkin’s House can be overshadowed.

The wedding ceremony at the Pchelkin’s House is a beautiful tradition to start a new family!

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